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Kitamura Taro 北村太郎 – Ⅵ

A Man of the Port-13- 




Past joys are

sorrows still to come.

A day that casts no shadow, even though I’m in the sun, is ending

and everyone is in the shade of a tree holding their breath.

That cry,

so soft,

has continued for some time.



Waves break but once,

as if whimsically, on the white wharf of the promenade

and a single couple who’ve been watching the water

are startled

and back off surprisingly quickly.



Soon it’ll be night.

There is too much shade

and shadows form within the shade.



Winter equinox.

Though there is shade,

some of the shadows have no light at all.



At the moment

the only couple in the world are on a bench, embracing.

Joys still to come

are past sorrows.