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Nagase Kiyoko / 永瀬清子 – Ⅱ






In the twilight when everything is sensuous and blue

I love to be tricked by a fox or badger

and walk toward the mountain, alone.

Then there’s only the sound of purling in the valley,

then scales grow on me,

then I swim in the air

like a small river fish with flower crests,

I love to walk through wavy miscanthus flowers,

dreaming of a mirage

never seen in my life,

talking with an ancient chimère.


Then there appears in the sky

a blue purling stream,

the moon with her profile in a thin line

facing Venus gently, gently.

Venus, like me,

intently moves her tail and fins

against the current of the sky

struggling to reach the moon, intensifying its light.


In the twilight when everything is sensuous and blue,

in the sky a golden pantomime.

Oh, these moments I stare, forgetting,

possessed by a fox or badger.