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Gregory Gumbs – Ⅱ

Time Doesn’t Always Heal All Wounds 



I now know it


I have heard it repeated time and time again

How the passage of time heals all wounds

Eases and even erases all pain, Nathaliee


Listen to me

But, please listen to me, just hear what I have to say

I understand that I may be asking for a lot

But Nathalieee, time doesn’t heal all wounds, I now know

It has not been able to ease the pain of your

Fiercely, fiercely burning absence

No matter how hard I’ve tried, sooloo

I’m sorry

Time sometimes doesn’t heal all wounds, Nathalie

I miss your

Mischievous intelligence

I miss your

Often intensely and all-consuming love

I’m sorry, Nathalie, I now know

I was very wrong, indeed, as you predicted would be the case,


Time doesn’t heal all wounds

I miss your studied quietness while listening to Beethoven and Bach

I especially miss your infectious joie de vivre

Your loving presence as we watched the seamlessly edited

Classic Hollywood love stories on DVD’s, videos or cable

No, time certainly doesn’t heal these types of wounds,