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Tell Brings Quiet Out






Tell brings Quiet out

of hooding, ears threadbare.

Fabled coater, Quiet’s


not setting up the act.

Babe in womb singing,

Tell attacks, tantrums


scrupulous.   Tell darns

a story from noticed surfaces.

Child of a stolid, quilted faith,


dexterity increasingly neglected,

Tell’s years seemed negligible.

In under-breath discussion,


Quiet favors business

as unusual, newspapers folded.

Shopkeep’s child of established


miles, Quiet sees  merchandise as simple.

Unfolds Tell, Look:  a street

 dressed in  storefronts!


Quiet strips out

of a teahouse party,

demurely costumed.


Flatly modern-day,

chainstores brand

all the parking spaces.