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Bill Wolak – Ⅰ

It’s  Dangerous  Not  to  Love 






I describe you to explain myself;

you are the context for my possibilities;

so my words belong to you because in the end

it’s dangerous not to love.

And you emerge from me

not as a photograph entrusting

its single memory to paper,

but as an ear’s reminder

of what the eye can never reach.


Two directions;  one crossroad.

I:  a rainmaker conjugating absences.

You:  a dance floor to make time new.

I always approaching you,

finding your nakedness everywhere,

in the questioning spark of the blind man’s eye,

in the sunlight warming gravestones,

in the embrace of an icebound harbor.

Always, I lick the thirst from your mirage.


Sometimes I disappear where you touch me;

sometimes the well of your body absorbs me

as I touch bottom.

Still, I explain you to describe myself.

You:  the dream talking in many voices at once.

I:  the sudden detachment of a wish expressed.