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Tsumura Yumiko / 津村由美子 – II

The Path Not Swept Away             


                              —to the Surviving Victims of the Tsunami





in the time of expecting a divine

visitation of cherry blossoms

on the islands of Japan


the bottom of the pacific near the northern coast

opened a behemoth mouth and

swallowed the villages and towns


and the world watches smoke

from the Nukes

trembling in memory of  black

rain after the pacific war


the claw marks coming live

out of the screen nights and days

tell our senses

the one is the all

and the all is the one


the dead shall die no more

after a short sleep they return to

a new you

and stay with you

and you breathe and grow



a warm blanket of

close-knit kinship is your

safety net


and soon

from the same sea that took

your loved ones and your life’s treasures

you will enjoy

seaweed and fish