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William Heyen – Ⅶ

 The Fish 



A heavy-headed fish swims through history

in the depths of Bergen-Belsen & Dresden

& the Balkans & under African dirt at Darfur beneath

Nanjing & Wounded Knee & Troy

its gills keep sifting as it swims the ditch at My Lai

nor does it not never persist swimming among

roots of trees where slaves were tortured & hanged

& there it is at Babi Yar & there in Europe again

beneath the ancient Roman Colleseum it seems God

empowers it to be everywhere at once a swimming

stasis within continuum even beneath Jerusalem.

But, every night, it returns to its cave in Hiroshima.

It rests there. It does not consolidate wisdom or doctrine

about where in hell on earth it has been.

It rests, it hears & heeds God, who knows. It swims out again.