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Michele Leggott – Ⅱ

certain pockets of resistance 




rogue elements in the mountains

we will hunt them down

we will deny the ground


o wilderness can I make a space enough


there is a local order

a cherry-picker memorising childhood


enchanting order



Sojourner Truth a cosmogram



as if I heard my God rustling in the tops of the mulberry-trees

arts of defence and affirmation

hide and thrive


cradle King Pleasure

in the quilts of slave women

a language of visual astonishment

sometimes visual glossolalia

spiritual oscillography


Johnny the Conqueroo

High John the Conqueror


ecstacy trembles the shoulder-blades

mayembo and zakama

ecstatic dance


sister, thee is the hardest one I ever wrote for

dream of three books and a holy one

angelic assistants to talk to the books


tender skin

holy nights


troubling the text as bliss

every time I shake


a chaise tongue

a riff on birds




dissent sewn into the pockets

of the host


she of if I can’t dance in your revolution

glamorising memory


a trackers’ almanac


footsteps on heaven’s roof

sister I am what you wanted


cut-out petals surrounding the gem

ideal for a quick promenade


we are criminals even like Jesus Socrates Galileo

the very stars hanging in the heavens


Bruno and John Brown

wielding not a sword nor a gun or a bomb


the moral rights of the authors

have been asserted


symbol and harbinger

glamorously memorised


I have held ideas all my life


is there only the resistance which means the gun

the bayonet the bomb or flying machine?


may not the people simply fold their hands

declare we will not fight when we do not believe


the necessity of war

a chaste tongue