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130215 01 Reception

Poetry Kanto as a print journal has over the years been well-received by university libraries in the U.S.  Special Collections of the library of the University of Chicago, and the poetry collections of the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Wisconsin, and the State University of New York Buffalo all house a complete set of its back-numbers. 

In recent years Poetry Kanto has garnered favorable reviews (see links below) in the international literary community, including magazine profiles spotlighting Poetry Kanto’s efforts in introducing contemporary and modern Japanese poetry to America and worldwide. Translations from Poetry Kanto have been reprinted in other magazines, while English-language poems from Poetry Kanto have been featured on the quality U.S. online web anthologies Poetry Daily and Verse Daily, respectively.

Poetry Kanto has grown over its thirty-year history–through periods of staff turnover, as well as changes in design format—to secure its status as an influential, one-of-a-kind poetry journal. It has created a space where Japan, through its modern and contemporary poetries, alongside English-language poetries, can share with the rest of the world its poetic culture.

Reviews & Interviews

Christopher Mote,Review of Poetry Kanto Number 21, 2005,”

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, “An Interview with Poetry Kanto Co-editors Alan Botsford and

Katsumasa Nishihara,” Yomimono (Volume 16). May 24, 2012.

Jeanne M. Lesinski,Review of Poetry Kanto Number 22, 2006,

Kevin Larimer, “Literary Magnet,” Poets & Writers Magazine, Jan/Feb 2007, p. 17.

Review of Poetry Kanto No. 23, 2007, Koe Magazine, 2009/09

Rob Walker, “Pages: A Review of Poetry Kanto 2010″  The Compulsive Reader, 2010

Stephanie Harper, “Poetry Across Continents”  The Review Review, 2010

Sima Rabinowitz, Review of Poetry Kanto No. 26, 2010  New, 2010

Reprinted Poems

“Eating the Wind” by Kuroda Saburo (trans. by Marianne Tarcov) reprinted in

Kyoto Journal #65  

“Grendel’s Mother”  by Nagase Kiyoko  (trans. by  Hiroaki Sato) reprinted in

Mythic Passages, The Magazine of Imagination: The Descent: November 2006

Verse Daily

January 20, 2011: “Gacela of Twilight Bats” by J.P. Dancing Bear

January 22, 2010: “Green-Striped Melons” and “Bamboo” by Jane Hirshfield  

December 17, 2008:   “First Defense” by Megan Gannon

December 15, 2008:   “Tell it Slant” by Sally Bliumis-Dunn

Poetry Daily 

  –January 5, 2008:  [This heat still underfoot]  by Simon Perchik


Comments from Readers


“I think Poetry Kanto‘s blend of languages and poetic traditions is unique in all the world. It sets up an international dialogue that is very valuable–especially for a national poetry (like that of the United States) that can sometimes be too self-absorbed.
Michael S. Collins, poet & scholar

“I find it very intriguing… How strange to learn of fine poets in America from a magazine printed in Japan!
Gregory Orr, poet & author

“Thank you…for the impressive Poetry Kanto. I had no idea it would be such a beautiful production. The quality of the work is so high. Thanks for introducing me to the work of so many wonderful poets.”
Gwyneth Lewis, poet & author (first Poet Laureate of Wales)

“Thank you for the beautiful new Poetry Kanto. It looks wonderful (the new design is very sleek) and the lineup of poets writing in English is terrific, as are the translations.”
Leza Lowitz, poet, author, translator

“I’m so very impressed. I loved the poems in [it]–several fav poets and some new names, too. The whole issue looks great.”
Beth Ann Fennelly, poet & author

“What a beautiful journal. And what a great range of work… I must say, I feel true kinship with the sensibility of the work, the edginess but discipline, musicality, rawness, all of it. Congrats and thank you.”
Bruce A. Jacobs, poet & author

“I am a big admirer of Poetry Kanto… it is really beautiful.”
Ann Fisher-Wirth, poet & editor

“I am impressed at the fine quality of poets you have selected… I am especially interested to see that many of the English poets appear to be quite critically engaged with social issues… Kudos to you and the other editors for finding such a super collection!”
Jeffrey Angles, translator & author

“I’m very excited about it. It’s a great looking mag.”
Michael Sowder, poet & author