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*UPDATE* POETRY KANTO, as of 2016, is no longer publishing. Thank you for your interest, but please do not send poem submissions. The Poetry Kanto archive will remain online for the perusal of readers worldwide.

Editorial Focus

A unique, long-running, bilingual & multi-cultural venue for exciting poetry in English and Japanese poetry in English translation, Poetry Kanto offers an in-depth look at featured poets from all sides of the cultural and linguistic divide.

Poetry Kanto is interested in the individuating, awakening impulse which the language of lyric poetry taps into. As a poetry magazine, we are seeking not only to fill a niche but also to make for unknown destinations.

Numbers of submissions vary year to year, with only a very small portion accepted, but we try to showcase in depth those poets we do feature. Sorry, but simultaneous submissions are not accepted.

Send three to five poems via Word between December and June to, accompanied by 3rd person author bio. Include surname in subject of your e-mail. Upon acceptance of your submission, an author photo will be requested. Online publication date is set for fall.

Poetry Kanto retains first-time publication rights only. All rights revert back to the author upon publication.





I think Poetry Kanto‘s blend of languages and poetic traditions is unique in all the world. It sets up an international dialogue that is very valuable–especially for a national poetry (like that of the United States) that can sometimes be too self-absorbed.

Michael S. Collins, poet & author

I find it very intriguing… How strange to learn of fine poets in America from a magazine printed in Japan!

Gregory Orr, poet & author

“Thank you…for the impressive Poetry Kanto. I had no idea it would be such a beautiful production. The quality of the work is so high. Thanks for introducing me to the work of so many wonderful poets.”

Gwyneth Lewis, poet & author (first Poet Laureate of Wales)

“Thank you for the beautiful new Poetry Kanto. It looks wonderful (the new design is very sleek) and the lineup of poets writing in English is terrific, as are the translations.”

Leza Lowitz, poet, author, translator

“What a beautiful journal. And what a great range of work… I must say, I feel true kinship with the sensibility of the work, the edginess but discipline, musicality, rawness, all of it. Congrats and thank you.”

Bruce A. Jacobs, poet & author

“I am a big admirer of Poetry Kanto… it is really beautiful.”

Ann Fisher-Wirth, poet & editor

“I am impressed at the fine quality of poets you have selected… I am especially interested to see that many of the English poets appear to be quite critically engaged with social issues… Kudos to you and the other editors for finding such a super collection!”

Jeffrey Angles, translator & author

“I’m very excited about it. It’s a great looking mag.”

Michael Sowder, poet & author