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Irene McKinney – Ⅲ

Entreaties (2) 





Feel me, and move along.

Project my heart, enfranchise

all my words.  Make me over,

plump my lips, prospect my legs

and arms, recover them.

Let down my hems, and split my seams.

Provoke me, tramp my roads.

Increase me, scour my rooms.

Supercharge my nerves; remove their scars.

Smooth down my edges; bridge my streams.

Capsize my fleeing boat and rescue me.


Be with me where I breathe.

Stay close as skin and grant me

singing signs.  Wholeheart me:

prize my faults.  Remove me

from the house of sorrow.

Give me Begamot and Petitgrain,

and Vetivert and Cloves.

Fold me, and pin me up.

Let there be no stay or let-up.

Exhilarate me in the mind.

Unfever me, and show me

what I’ve gained. Proportion me,

align me, break my fall. Evolve me,

build my bones. Hold me,

and pass me on. House me,

and bring me home.