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Tsumura Yumiko / 津村由美子 – I

A March Episode  



“Hello, this is Hella Berg . . .

(a familiar voice, long forgotten

reaching the corner of my flickering mind)

are you Yumiko?”


“Yes, I am.”

remembering her beaming face with the joy of teaching.


“You appeared in my dream last night and

I was up from four looking for your telephone number.”


“I am glad you found my footprint,

are you still at the same house?”


“Yes, but I have nothing to do now, I don’t have any disease

but have no energy  and I can’t entertain anymore.  I sit in the shade

of the oak tree in my garden, I am 88, so it’s OK if I die tomorrow.”


She had a fire burning for a long time, teaching German and Japanese.

Now her life and death meet face to face.

Her voice says she wants to go

just like a bird flies off a cliff.


“Yumiko, don’t give up teaching, it is such a noble profession.”


Our sleeves, indeed, touched

in our lots

of life.