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William Heyen – Ⅳ

 In The Beginning   





Let us consider, then, a human being, Mrs. Aoyama,

at the trillisecond of her vanishing,

her translation into such infinitesimal elements

that we might as well identify this new estate of hers

as primordial—even her eyeglasses were suddenly

not there by which we might see,

her shoes by which we might walk a few steps into her,

her teeth by which we might chew her genre;

in fact, history, too, at Mrs. Aoyama’s trump l’oil,

fused with the cosmic mind

which is our mind: mind how as we consider Point Zero,

its flash & power, its transluminous horror,

we still divide us from then when, in point of fact—

isn’t the ever not never not for us to say?—

Mrs. Aoyama’s body reprised the Milky Way.