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Hideko Sueoka-I

Where is my home?


I  Robert Frank: Trolley – New Orleans 1955

   (Born in Switzerland)


   To a space where their eyes are out-of-focus,

   diffuse as their whispers in raucous air


  or as a stellar cloud including a far-off star

   and a hollow locale that would be a new one,


  the other side of their lives on a trolley

   transferring from area to area, the outside


   of windows opened to fleeting scenes or

   comforting tones of trombone and closed to


   shut-out unclear tableaux, allows us to zoom-in

   their faces showing doze or ennui in one shot,


   mysterious, every so often

   unfixed emotions can be fixed at a


   certain monochrome moment. The overlapped

   glass above them rolls mostly on bumpy roads


   as if the surface of a puddle rippled

   casting back snippy and motley cityscapes


   educed in their limbos; splintery flashbacks

   are churned with blurred after-images.


   Each gaze to a distant point, a puzzle

   where light is focused in their shadowlands.