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Jordie Albiston-IV




if man really landed     if one needs proof

when one is in love     if pictures exist

if sex ever made God’s machinery

seem so close     if Voyager tells the truth

& we are nothing     if your sleeping face


is not a sun     if extinction faces

us     if our beautiful minds & machines

break down like ice     like Galileo’s proof

if we recant     if the terrible truth

gets out     if blackberries only exist


in poems     if blackberries don’t exist

at all     like Santa Claus like ghosts     if proof

is in the microscope     if on the face

of it     if tenderness rises like truth

from our bodies     like birdsong from machines


on earth     if set free in a time-machine

love remains true     on my pillow your face

if galaxies in space truly exist

if all of this     if like the sun like truth

you never conclude     love then is my proof