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Tamae Mizukami

This year, 2014, we are honored to showcase on our cover a piece by artist Tamae Mizukami.

From now on, for future issues, we look forward to featuring cover art by different Japanese artists.

tamae 141113 profile Tamae Mizukami


 Tamae Mizukami

Camellia Tanzawa / 椿 丹沢


 Tamae Mizukami

View from the bridge / 橋の上から

Mizukami Tamae, born in Tokyo, is one of the leading illustrators in Japan. She mainly works in lithographs, and her artwork can be found adorning the covers of numerous books by renowned novelists and writers in Japan such as Tetsuo Yamaori, Ekuni Kaori, Agawa Sawako, Inoue Areno, Higashi Keigo and Kakuta Mitsuyo. Her style–strong, sharp, and nature-oriented– combines with a sensibility at once elegant, earthy and ethereal to produce drawings of grace and subtle power.  She has held numerous one-woman shows throughout Japan. To see more of her work you can visit her websites here, and here.