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Jonel Abellanosa-IV




Amplified, everything my senses apprehend:

Bitter-sweet, raindrops, chirps, scented air.

Colors and shapes crave my crowded vision,

Draining me to exhaustion. Same as the human:

Exposed to the heart’s elements, I’m wind-borne,

Forged in strange behaviors. I see recognition as

Grooving tool, moments not mine to enjoy,

Hypnotized easily by my own thoughts

Into fallen leaves. Anxieties orphan me if I

Join otherness, my mind in a distant bench.

Keenness kindles with masquerades of

Loneliness. I realize I’m not alone. I

May know the next few days, but seldom come

Nearer to introduce myself and sound silly.

Overcoming the need to cry has stoned the

Pains I wear like gloves and raincoat, people

Quieter than inner conflicts. I struggle to

Realign gazes with what I see in couples

Strolling in the absence of time, forgetting

Trees and how they smiled earlier.

Under enormities of unease, I feel

Vulnerable like veils clouds keep lifting.

Wheeled in phobias, bending hours

Exfoliate my equanimity, and I grow cold,

Yearning for my room, begging my ears’

Zinging to stop, for silence and the void