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Yannis Livadas-IV

                                                       A poem Ι once wrote



                                                          The Fontaine Medicis

                                       does not express the Medici, but

                                                 a truth that the Press hides



                          Sitting in the bistro I’ve already trusted

             an advantage that I noticed over the foreheads

                                                               of the meditations;


                                                   We stole poetry from god

                                                               to retire in nirvana

                                                    we stole poetry from god

                                                                to die on the cross.


                                                   We stole poetry from god

                                                and yet nothing happened.


                                                      We stole the humane;

That’s why I’ am now sipping my drinks at Danton’s.


                                       The pages are empowered but

                                            ridiculous as the evacuation

                         of the intestines of an animal that was

                                                   unlisted until yesterday.