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reissue of William Heyen’s LORD DRAGONFLY, 2010

PK contributor (2007) William Heyen’s 1981 classic Lord Dragonfly has been reissued by H NGM N BKS, and editor Nate Pritts’ accompanying essay is well worth reading as well (see link & excerpt below).

(Editor’s Note: Mr. Heyen’s title invokes for me the rice paddy not far from my house in North Kamakura which pulsates with dragonflies of varying sizes, shapes and colors during hot, humid summer days.–A.B.)


Beginning Again: On Reissuing William Heyen’s Lord Dragonfly

by Nate Pritts

In 1992 I was a seventeen year old college freshman in Brockport, New York, a town where it’s always fall or winter, where the Erie Canal dominates both landscape & mood, all full of bird shadows, & where sunflowers look stark & lovely against the weathered brick of academic buildings.

Seventeen & I walked up the stairs of Lathrop Hall on the SUNY Brockport campus to my first college English class & the hallway chalkboard/message center told me:


Lord Dragonfly

sees me from all sides

at once.


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2010 Pushcart nominations for Poetry Kanto (issue #26 soon available)


Alicia Ostriker (New Jersey)—HEAVEN

J.P. Dancing Bear (California)—Gacela of Rememberance

Katherine Riegel (Florida)—HYDRA

Bill Wolak (New Jersey)—THE GIFT

Ginger Murchison (Georgia)—Whitman’s Hermit Thrush

Temple Cone (Maryland)—Offertory

Poetry Kanto 2010 poem on Verse Daily

Verse Daily featured a poem by Poetry Kanto 2010 poet J.P. Dancing Bear today. The poem, entitled “Gacela of Twilight Bats”, is archived at the Verse Daily website for Jan. 20, 2011.

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