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D.M. Aderibigbe-IV

Chinese Village




Christmas was some metres away,

I went with mum and my older sister to

get wears, to revitalize my decaying status,


I loved it.


The red gate of the red building wore a red lintel,

Huge Chinese Alphabets tattooed on the two sides of the building.


I knew I was in China in Nigeria, when I stepped in,


I loved it.


Teenage boys, engulfed in the making of model cars in a 

Two female black-belts, showed up their karate panache

In the nearby open-field,


I loved it.


The woman at the trainers store, wouldn’t stand up to sell to us,

Because of the sumptuous worms in a ceramic bowl,

She ate with 2 pieces of sticks,

Inserted in her flesh.


I loved it.


We moved to the next,

another woman with the

Face of the previous, paid obeisance to the image of LAO-TZU, at

The centre of her store,


I loved it.


We moved to the next,

A man lectures his tween twin daughters in Karate,


I loved it.


We moved to the next,

The woman had just a tongue,

We had just a tongue too,


I loved it.


We moved to the next,

The woman also had a tongue,

We met with luck,

Her husband had two tongues,

Mum bought my reputation with few Naira notes,


I loved it.


We left the Chinese Village for home,


I didn’t love it.