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Harryette Mullen – Ⅳ

Variation on a Theme Park 




My Mickey Mouse ears are nothing like sonar. Colorado is far

less rusty than Walt’s lyric riddles. If sorrow is wintergreen,

well then Walt’s breakdancers are dunderheads. If hoecakes are

Wonder Bras, blond Wonder Bras grow on Walt’s hornytoad. I

have seen roadkill damaged, riddled and wintergreen, but no

such roadkill see I in Walt’s checkbook. And in some purchases

there is more deliberation than in the bargains that my Mickey

Mouse redeems. I love to herd Walt’s sheep, yet well I know

that muskrats have a far more platonic sonogram. I grant I

never saw a googolplex groan. My Mickey Mouse, when Walt

waddles, trips on garbanzos. And yet, by halogen-light, I think

my loneliness as reckless as any souvenir bought with free