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Kuroda Saburo / 黒田三郎 – Ⅰ

Eating the Wind 





means glass in Indonesian.

Gacha means elephant.



Saying a word twice makes it plural:

Lots of glass!

Lots of elephants!


Once you get used to all that noise,

it stops being so noisy.

Life in the city:


Lots of glass!

Lots of elephants!

I think of them wistfully

like fairytales.


It’s been more than ten days on the plateau.

I walk between corn and flowerbean fields,

thinking, Makan angin.

In Indonesian,

eating the wind means taking a walk,

brisk and elegant.


Eating the wind

means running away

in Japanese.

But I am not running away from the city,

just eating the wind

on a path on the plateau.