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Celia Stuart-Powles

0705celia stuwart p Celia Stuart Powles

Celia Stuart-Powles lives in Oklahoma where she works as a designer. Her poems have been published in journals: Atlanta Review, Prairie Schooner, Nimrod, Third Coast, Meridian, Eclipse, and others, and also in anthologies— most recently Erotic Haiku (ed. Hiroaki Sato) and the forthcoming Best of Hawai’i Pacific Review. She is also member of Squaw Valley Community of Writers and has just completed her first novel. Celia writes: “As of late, I have been using the vehicle of ekphrasis to draw an often well-known scene from the perspective of a third party. These poems in particular explore the image as a dynamic scene musing on both the intent and awareness of the artist—as well as (sometimes) the world at large.”