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William Heyen – II






& if it was/is infinitely worse than this assymetrical suite has even

not never ventured to not say now or ever,

I may be excused by Tanimoto who kept telling himself,

These are human beings, as he lifted the slough-

skinned bodies into his boat. Two sisters were standing

like stalks of charred bamboo in the river,

they were cold on this our first post-atomic evening, the younger

suffered terribly as the salt water ex-

coriated her, she shivered with cold & pain until

dead.  In Hiroshima Forever

Michael Parkinson says that Tanimoto as he lifted slimy bodies

was “in touch with inhuman dread.”

Tanimoto touched them he had to touch them he lifted them he

had to never not touch them didn’t he not?

The atrocity of his experienced inhuman dread. The beauty of Tanimoto.