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Yoko Danno

1203Yoko Danno Yoko Danno

Yoko Danno is a Japanese, living in Kobe. She writes poetry solely in English. She is the author of several poetry books and chapbooks, including “Epitaph for memories” (The Bunny and the Crocodile Press, Washington, D.C., 2002), The Blue Door, a collaboration with James C. Hopkins (The Word Works, Washington, D. C., 2006), a sleeping tiger dreams of manhattan: poetry, photographs and sound by Danno, Hopkins, and Bernard Stoltz (The Ikuta Press, Kobe, 2008) and trilogy & Hagoromo: A Celestial Robe (The Ikuta Press, 2010). Her translation, Songs and Stories of the Kojiki was published by Ahadada Books (Toronto/Tokyo, 2008). URL: