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Ooka Makoto / 大岡信- VI

To a girl, in spring



Look, when the mountain, with fire in its belly, raises joyous roars

beating billions of drums all at once, people pale and struggle to escape


But you must know that the very force pushing you up to the crest of the spring

of your life

is the force that propels flooding rivers in autumn and destroys men’s dykes


The force that keeps larvae of ant-lions and beetles underground to sleep until

spring drives fruits of autumn to the tips of tender tubes


I toured many fountains in the ancient cities of the West

and saw under domes the figures of people graced with sacred names


After long bloody nights of persecution and massacre

those with sacred names had become a deeply silent void


Even so their paintings remained on walls as mementos of consecrated suffering

as if to boast that greatness can easily be trivial


I haven’t lived a frugal and upright life deserving to die a martyr –

the thought haunts me in the bone-chilling winter of my guts


If a man with fire in his belly spewed a hateful roar

shooting up just a few fireballs, that alone would turn me pale


But I want you to know that the very force to propel autumn rivers and destroy

men’s dykes

is the force that has put you at the crest of the spring of your life




春 少女に


ごらん 火を腹にためて山が歓喜のうなりをあげ

数億のドラムをどっとたたくとき 人は蒼ざめ逃げまどふ


でも知っておきたまへ 春の齢(よはい)の頂きにきみを押しあける力こそ



蟻地獄 髪切虫の卵どもを春まで地下で眠らせる力が




ドームの下で見た 神聖な名にかざられた人々の姿





それでも壁に絵はあった 聖別された苦しみのかたみとして



ぼくは殉教できるほど まっすぐつましく生きてゐない




数個の火玉をうちあげただけで 蒼ざめるだらう ぼくは


でもきみは知ってゐてくれ 秋の川を動かして人の堤をうち砕く力こそ