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George Szirtes-II

When the wicked come…

They will be polite

and carry badges of proof

so you should know them.


They’ll be precisely

what you expect, conformists

in every respect.


You may welcome them

in your own symbolic way,

whatever that is.


You may gnash your teeth

if that is your preference.

The wicked won’t mind.


Avoiding mirrors

is their preference. They will

let you look in yours.


They will be correct

according to their custom

which is time-honoured.


They will wreak havoc

then shrug and apologise

for all they have done.


Let the wicked come.

They can’t stand there for ever

knocking at the door.


They can’t help their state.

Invite them in. Sit them down.

Let them wreck your life.


There, that wasn’t hard.

Wicked is as wicked does.

We all do something.