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Jordie Albiston-I



today I am a hundred feet tall     it’s

better than being like all last year or

before     it’s good up here & everything

stays in its good pattern place & every-

one’s face can have what you think is the right


kind of Buddha grace     you are learning right

from left & east from west & how a thing

can be made to change when cooked or pressed     its

atoms split its molecules squished     every

part of it made to twitch or it dies or


hides inside its cells or bombs or cries or

ends up eating itself     today you’re it

& it feels like light has been beaten     right

or wrong you wake up today & every-

thing is front to back & all of your things


have been moved an inch to the north     something

flashes & up! you go to the sky     right

to the top & all is forgotten or

unremembered & pieces of every

day like this    drop to the bottom in bits