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Jordie Albiston-II




let all of it fall away for we are

a bird     thus it is required to construct

a place to fly in     with centre us &

distance horizon let the space sky be

described     now     since freedom is equal to


flight     & it’s unusual for humans to

reach such heights     let us take on our back &

under each wing as much love as we are

allowed     again     given war let us be

peace     olive stick in beak     let us construct


tricky quandaries designed to obstruct

our own angst     I say     given drought we are

rain given flood we are sun     & where two

cannot work we are one     thus world may be-

come the thing we have dreamed     with future &


children & none of those bombs of death &

life on a string     let our eyes open to

this     for if destiny equals destruct-

ion     & the solution thus that we be

a bird     therefore etc we are