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Jordie Albiston-III




every morning breakfast time she stands there

at the cupboard     its yellow mouth open

to the day     says to God just let me sleep

spreads Vegemite across a slice of light-

ly toasted bread     children safe as houses


dream dreams of childish things     a sleeping house

is louder than a din     she tries to sleep

beneath the storms & sheets & over there

the darkness bays its black-black till the light

seeps in     ergo pull the morning open


with your eyes     search the world for openings

& cracks     everyone is happy & their

faces all lit up     yours the only house

still shuttered shut     fill your heart with sunlight

or you won’t have any friends     let sleeping


dogs lie where they lie     little girls get sleep-

y     stars keep whizzing by     one learns to house

one’s frazzle in the end     heaven opens

like a cupboard     the night stares like a light

& look your body’s gliding here & there