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Jonel Abellanosa-II


              after Touched by Strangers, a timelapse video of flowers in bloom
by Yutaka Kitamuraand Alexander Reeder published in MindTrip
            Magazine October 2014 Digital Edition


About ignored moments, how in absence

Beauty opens like a hand – invitation for

Company. I play the timelapse video many times,

Devote minutes after waking to watching how

Expression reveals the rose. It shows that

“Flower” is more of what it does than a name,

Gentian like mouth taking air in, desire of

Hibiscus for its share of brevity. This seeing

Instills reverence. I pray while witnessing the

Jasmine illustrate humility, how as congregation

Knight’s star lilies thrive, white crocus

Like a cup with yellow candle. Petals fall in

My imagination like regret: patience I did

Not nurture. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow,

Over the three days I never saw, changing from

Purple to violet, finally to white, then it wilts

Quietly. I shouldn’t take anything for granted:

Rhododendron of leafed lives, potted smallness,

Silence and solitude. Time is stillness

Taking root. I entrust this new perception to

Unfolding, slow-motion choreography of living,

Visualization. My willingness to be part of it is

Water to creative growth, as if I’m the artist

Expressing the blooms, which begins and ends with

Yearn’s orchid. I participate in the short dramas,

Zooming to magnify colors, movements, verve


*Yesterday, today, and tomorrow is the common name of Brunfelsia pauciflora ‘Macrantha’