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Jonel Abellanosa-III




Apprenticeship to nature a lifetime’s work, the

Body like design’s tree, yearn to learn like

Caterpillar. Notice symbiosis like trees: don’t

Disharmonize flesh-and-blood ecosystems, nor

Exclude the bone’s impulse for symmetry. See how

Foliation seeks the sun as if to leaves light

Grants growing harmonies the skyward dance.

Higher in the fractal order, clouds move

In time with cooing from branches. Be

Joyful in watching, and the cosmos will echo itself:

Keep the body within what it needs to repair itself.

Likelihood is what it needs. The grazing cow knows this.

Migratory birds search it. Herbs and spices give it.

Night offers prayer’s vocabularies, stars colored as

Olive oil. Every student of healing gains from

Partnership like cultivation to soil. Be

Quiet like the enriching earth. Water your

Roots with love. Do the same with the body.

Source your strength higher. Believe in

Touch as mother to energy. Moringa leaves

Use the hand’s work, moringa leaves like hands.

Visualize transformations, the body’s return to

Wholeness. Be the ocean for oneness, and

Expect with a grateful heart. Be still and close

Your eyes. Intercede like broth, with your

Zeal in invoking the words for recovery