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Harryette Mullen – Ⅲ

Resistance is Fertile 




This system needs your moral fiber like a bowl of X brand

Flakes. If your kind cannot be assimilated to make spare parts for

Borg wars, your resistance challenges the ant farm to adapt. You

might think the system’s tone deaf, but our software’s immune.

You are the virus that keeps it in tune. We are the tolerant host,

Which makes you the guest worker colony of E. coli, the chitlins

inside the chitlins. Catching hits off our perfect pitch, your con-

tra fit’s a false note passed through the phony caca. We call you

irresponsible, say you’re indigestible, and it’s undeniably true

it’s tough to swallow you. Your data resisted analysis, but if you

are not consumed, your flawed construction only proves that we

are perfection cubed. Did you need to read the label on Olean to

know the SOS goes out when the chip’s going down? To

Cuisineart our metaphors once again, let’s just say that Dracula’s

liquid protein diet could use some roughage to help with his

next smooth move. A bloodsucker’s got to worry about irregu-

larity. So pollsters press the pulse, take speciments of the blood

count. Pundits pooh-pooh as law and order candidate Bruce Wayne

leaves his potty to go on a turd-pooty ticket: Libertarian

runs on avowal movement platform. The result will be a better

grade of guano piling up the bat cave. Our constipation

requires frequent amendments to feed the tree of liberty. Can

you dig it? Can you dig it? Man, you’re digging it with a shovel.

When you’re all pooped out, we’re just breaking a second wind.