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Kitamura taro / 北村太郎-Ⅷ

A Man of the Port-33- 





Something is dripping.


I don’t want to get out of bed in darkness and find out what.

If not water,

what could it be?

A dream holds many answers.



Today was calm.

It rained all day

till darkness fell outside the window.

Though there was no wind

by night-time the rain had slowly stopped falling.



How long ago was it

I felt as if I were holding onto a saddle

and kicking the ground?



Of course the sky was blue

and it seemed as if

that’s what the water was for.

I never imagined so much sweat could drip

from my lover’s entire body.

Holding a glass, my fingers

looked ashen.





It can’t be anything else.

If not,

what couldn’t it be?

However many answers a dream might hold,

they couldn’t be any other color.

I hope tomorrow’s weather

will be the same color.





All poems by Kitamura Taro. Translated by William I. Elliott and Kawamura Kazuo.