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Tanikawa Shuntaro / 谷川俊太郎 – Ⅰ

Micky Mouse  by Night 





Mickey Mouse by night is harder to understand

than by day.

He nibbles his toast timidly

and walks along the underground sewer.


But some day he will escape

from the cheerful smiles of this world

and return to being

a real mouse.


No one knows

whether that will be painful for him

or delightful.

He reluctantly sets out.


Lured by a vision of ideal Edam cheese,

he walks on from 4th Street to South Main,

then to a narrow lane in Ho Chi Minh City

leaving a scattering of his offspring behind him,


and finally he achieves the image of immortality,

though its archetype had already been

compressed and saved in 3D

on the retinas of cats of all ages the world over.