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Tanikawa Shuntaro / 谷川俊太郎 – Ⅴ

With His Coming 




With his coming,

a dream-like day began which was long and short.


Touching his hand,

touching his cheek,

and peering into his eyes,

I placed my hand on his breast.


I don’t recall what happened next.

Outside it was raining and a lone tree stood drenched.

“That tree will live longer than we.”

At that thought I suddenly realized how happy I was then.


He’ll be gone some day.

I and my valued friends will also be gone some day.

But that tree won’t be gone.

Neither will the stones and mud beneath the tree.


Night came, the rain stopped and stars came out twinkling.

Time is Eternity’s daughter and Joy is Sorrow’s son.

Beside him, I listened to music that would never end.