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Tatehata Akira / 建畠晢 – Ⅲ

History Sisters



We were watching their rotation. The sisters that had become horizontal.

Then the sisters that became perpendicular. The sisters that became upside

down. And then back to where they were. They again started all over from

where they were horizontal. I’m saying both sisters together in all that. The

repetition of the rotation, but time went on passing. With no accident, it went

on darkening. The shadows of trees stretched long on the earth, and when they

stretched themselves out, they were lost in the evening darkness.


What do you think? About the bureaucrats of colors in the evening,

about the history sisters having no accidents? What do you think? Are we the

ones who introspect? Who ought to introspect in the midst of history? What do

you think?

“The metaphysics of accidents are getting very much like regular

folks.” “Today new lyricism begins.” “He’s saying this is today’s, that is

tomorrow’s modern.”


I’m saying both sisters together in all that. They are slowly turning on

the stage. The bureaucrats say: It isn’t too accurate to say there are no

accidents. Even colors can easily have accidents. We know best. History is

like that. And so introspection visits everyone.


History sisters, now horizontal, soon to be upside down. If colors have

accidents, time will have accidents. The day will darken, there will be no

more shadows, and the rotation of the sisters will cease sooner or later. But,

what do you think? What do you think of the show that ended without a

mishap? About the bureaucrats who are going home in the evening darkness?

“If they’re regular folks, they’ll have to be updated.” “Then the footfalls

of the people who went out of the building will be different. “History sisters,

now laugh at the colors of the bureaucrats.”