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Tatehata Akira / 建畠晢

tatehata akira 05 Tatehata Akira / 建畠晢

Tatehata Akira, born in 1947, won the prestigious Rekitei New Poet Prize for his first book, Yohaku no Runner (Runners in the Margins), 1991. Two subsequent volumes, also translated by Sato Hiroaki, include Sono Humming o shimo (Even That Humming, 1993) and Patrick Seiki (The Patrick Century, 1996). His latest book, Reido no Inu (The Dog of Zero Degree, 2004) won the Takami Jun Prize in 2005. He is also an international art critic and is currently Director of Osaka National Museum.

(Writer and translator Hiroaki Sato, who lives in New York City, recently translated a volume of Mishima Yukio’s drama and prose.)



All poems by Tatehata Akira. Translated by Sato Hiroaki.