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Ooka Makoto / 大岡信-V

Fruits of light




Your bosom’s hemispheres rest

on my hands on the sea far far away


You, weighty fruits made of light,

you sting like thorns and crawl about the walls of my viscera


Distance makes you brim over in me

Absence makes you inhabit my viscera


At night when you passed through me

as eighty-four thousand stars, tearing up my dreams


I saw through a cracked windowpane the eighty-four thousand stars

pierce you and break you into myriad pieces shooting out into the sky





きみの胸の半球が とほい とほい



おもい おもい 光でできたくだものよ

臓腑の壁を茨のとげのきみが刺し きみが這ふ


速さがきみを ぼくのなかに溢れさせる

不在がきみを ぼくの臓腑に住みつかせる





ひび割れたガラス越しにぼくは見てゐた 星の八万四千が

きみをつらぬき 微塵に空へ飛び散らすのを