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Tatehata Akira / 建畠晢 – Ⅱ

The Dog of Zero Degree




The dog of zero degree that colors our shame. One half of him is a

garden’s crime and the other half a gray girl’s politics, I was told. That that

was the only reason he becomes our coloration. Miss Koike ought to have

known that too. Let’s proceed together, I said. Let’s proceed together to find a

good spectacle. There ought to be a dog much lower, a hedge much lower, a

garden much lower.

As a matter of fact, on a certain day in the future, there was a low dark

pond. It was so much a place for the dog of zero degree that it almost made

you laugh. If someone’s consciousness smiles at the garden’s crime, it will be

extolled as the severe spectacle of the age. A girl’s politics is something like

that. The soldiers for hire with long necks will also fall silent… Miss Koike,

you ought to know that. Near the dark pond the dog of zero degree emerges. A

quiet spectacle, an admirable spectacle, and political girls…

We got off at a gray station. That too was a certain day in the future.

Utility poles were looking down upon a twisted, deserted shopping district.

The low dark pond should be a little beyond it. it couldn’t be that far. The

probability theory that belongs to spectacles proves that. Theoretically

speaking, the crime of making someone smile… Come, let’s go find a good

spectacle. Let’s go look for a gray girl with skinny arms.

At that distance now, the dog of zero degree is baying.