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Tamura Ryuichi / 田村隆一

0801tamura ryuichi Tamura Ryuichi / 田村隆一

Tamura Ryuichi(1923-1998) Faced with the total devastation of his homeland after WWII, Tamura started writing poetry in earnest, aiming to create a new poetics. As the leader of the Arechi (The Waste Land) group of poets he steered a new course for Modern Japanese poetry. At the core of his poetic landscape are intensely felt fear and darkness. Yet a glimmer of hope is always present in his poetry, including “The Study of Fear.” (“The Study of Fear” was first published in 1963. Translated from Collected Poems 1946~1976) (T.L.)

Translator Takako Lento earned an MFA in poetry and translation from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She translates poetry and prose from English to Japanese as well as Japanese to English.